Wind energy for the countryside.

We believe in a sustainable future for the agricultural sector.

Self-sufficient electricity for your farm.

A small wind turbine is the perfect way to provide continuous power to your farm. We have specifically developed our farmyard turbine for rural areas. Large enough to meet your energy needs, yet small enough to blend into the landscape.

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Our windmill.

Our small windmill was designed specifically for the agricultural sector. Other than the sun, wind can generate energy both day and night, throughout the entire year. Which makes it perfect for most farmers.

Our windmill has a maximum height of 21.6 metres, which makes it small enough to blend into the landscape, but large enough to meet your energy needs.

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We are EAZ Wind.

We believe in a sustainable future for the agricultural sector. We make farms self-sufficient in energy through our farm windmill. Our iconic small windmill blends into the farming landscape with its natural colours, wooden blades and sustainable materials.

With us, farmers get the assurance of a worry-free process. Before, during and after installation of the small windmill, we take care of everything from A to Z. And meanwhile, we keep working on impactful innovations for the best energy supply of tomorrow. 

Our story.

EAZ Wind was founded in 2014, by four young guys with a love for the farm and technology. When one of the founder’s father wanted to become more self-sufficient through solar panels, they started working on their own small windturbine.

After many sketches, tests and calculations, EAZ Wind installed their first windmill in 2015 in Overschild. It was the start of something new. Now, 10 years later, we have installed over 850 small windmills in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 


Wind energy from the countryside, for the countryside.

In 2015, we installed our very first small wind turbine.

An iconic farmyard windmill designed with respect for people, nature, and technology. Today, they have become an integral part of the rural landscape in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.




EAZ-mills in Europe



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Customer story: Van Dijk

The Van Dijk family run a sustainable dairy farm in The Netherlands. The energy usage of their company was one of their bigger challenges, one that a small windmill combined with solar panels was the perfect solution to.

“We don’t want an energy production peak, which is why we chose the combination of both. Since the installation of the windmill, it altogether gives us a good feeling. When we wake up in the morning, our energy consumption is often at zero. We think that’s fantastic!”



The possibilities for your farm.

Here you can find a selection of the farm types our windmill can support.

Currently, we are active in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Outside of these countries it is not possible (yet) to get one of our farm mills installed. However, if there’s anything you would like to know or let us know, feel free to use the contact form below. Or send over an email to

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I am a dairy farmer with a milking parlour.

In a milking parlour, you have two peak moments of energy consumption each day during milking times.

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I am a crop farmer.

When your harvest is stored in cooling facilities, your energy consumption increases.

EAZ Icons NoNo MASTER_Pig Icon
I am a pig farmer.

Because your equipment runs 24 hours, you will likely have relatively constant energy consumption.

EAZ Icon Robot Cow Icon
I am a dairy farmer with robots.

Your livestock decides when they are milked, resulting in a consistent energy demand throughout the day.

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I am a fruit grower.

When it's time to harvest, your energy consumption increases significantly.

EAZ Icons NoNo MASTER_Chicken Icon
I am a poultry farmer.

Your equipment runs day and night, resulting in relatively consistent energy demands.


The EAZ windmill.


Recyclable blades.

Sustainability and using local products are very important to us. Additionally, the blades must be strong, lightweight, and especially fatigue-resistant. That’s why we chose larch wood.

This type of wood is also used in aircraft construction and modern wind turbine blades. The larch wood comes from the forests managed by Staatsbosbeheer.

Recyclebare houten wieken kleine windmolen



Mechanical pitch system.

Our pitch system is fully mechanical, and we are incredibly proud of it!

A pitch system adjusts the position of the blades in strong winds. Pitching is crucial for the durability and efficiency of the farmyard mill. We utilize the existing centrifugal force and aerodynamic force to pitch the blade.

EAZ-_0001_Pitch Mech Feature



Efficient generator

In our ring generator, magnets rotate on both sides of the coils. This design eliminates the need for a core in the coils, which reduces costs, improves efficiency, and allows the mill to operate at lower wind speeds. It also removes the need for a gearbox.

The entire construction is fully encapsulated, eliminating the need for protective housing, and it is cooled by the wind.

EAZ-_0000_Molen Feature



Smart electrical cabinet and app.

The electrical cabinet converts the generated energy into usable electricity. It also monitors the operation of the farmyard mill.

The data is communicated via 4G to our service team, giving us insight into the performance of your mill. Additionally, you can monitor the energy production through the EAZ app.

Elektrakast en app voor monitoring van boerderij windmolen



Solid foundation.

We place the farmyard mill on a steel cross. This is set on four heavily reinforced concrete slabs. A thick layer of soil provides the necessary ballast on the slabs.

For weaker peat soils, we use extra piles that are firmly anchored to a deeper, solid ground layer. No heavy equipment or track plates are needed during the installation.

Stevig fundament] Kruis fundament kleine windmolen



Iconic tail

Thanks to the wooden wind vane, our heritage mill aligns itself with the wind.

The tail is made from high-quality laminated birch wood and is protected against the elements with a double-layer UV-resistant epoxy coating. A steel structure is integrated into the tail to achieve the necessary rigidity.

Staart van berkenhout boerderij windmolen


Hundreds of farmers have already made the switch.

Want to see an EAZ windmill up close and personal? Our mills are installed at farms all over the Netherlands and beyond. We are happy to connect you with a windmill owner near you.
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Ons laatste nieuws.

We nemen je mee in de energiemarkt, plaatsen updates over (gemeentelijk) beleid en subsidies, en leren je meer over windenergie.

Wij ontzorgen van A tot Z.
Wij ontzorgen van A tot Z.
Bij interesse in een kleine windmolen ontzorgen wij van A tot Z. Van vergunning tot subsidie(s) en van installatie tot onderhoud. Ontdek hoe wij werken.
Waar sluit ik een kleine windmolen op aan?
Waar sluit ik een kleine windmolen op aan?
Voor een kleine windmolen heb je een aansluiting nodig tussen de 3x35A en 3x80A. Lees hier alles over de installatie van een kleine windmolen.
Hoe kan ik een kleine windmolen leasen?
Hoe kan ik een kleine windmolen leasen?
Je kan een kleine windmolen van EAZ Wind leasen. Dit is mogelijk voor klanten van de Rabobank en komt voort uit een samenwerking met DLL.
Wind & solar combined.

Wind in winter, sun in summer.

Together, they power your farm year-round, day and night, against the lowest costs.

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Kleine windmolen aanschaffen



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